If you want to became a member of CONESPA, it's because you already know us.

Legal Information about pets.
Legal advices. Lawyer's practice. Legal defence:
- Paper processing.
- Discounts in legal services.
Pet cover insurances, with considerable discounts.
Door-to-door p
urchase of fodder, with considerable discounts.
Veterinary urgent services (24h), for all kind of animals.
Controled nursery services.
Specialiced and avalated training.
General information about:
- Hotels, Camping...
- Other asociations.
- Search of lost animals..
- Pets accomodation.
- Animals: purchase, food, sell,...general information.
(*)All this services have their oun discounts,
agreed with real professionals, exclusively for our members.
(**)For all kind of information about this services or about our ?????,
call +34670-908436
(***)Whe you sign up, you will recieve
a member card, and the relevant information.
(****)Even though you are not a CONESPA member, all our sponsors
are guaranteed by us, and you can to visit them with absolutly confidence.
(*****)If you contact with us by the Internet you'll get an special sign-up price.
So you can send an E-mail to protecci@ciberia.es or fill the form below. Thank you

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